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The story of how the Geckos came to be...

The Geckos were formed in early 2010 when the Glasgow based players of the Scotland 2009/10 training squad decided that playing together often would be beneficial to everyone's overall game. Players from three of Glasgows most successful Touch clubs - Lions, Hammertime and Spiders - came together to train on Sunday mornings following the Scottish Touch development plan. This small, dedicated bunch of Touch players enjoyed training so much that a competitive travelling team was formed and the Geckos were born.

The name Geckos was chosen after numerous suggestions, including the highly suspect No Easy Way Out. Geckos allows for the alliterative power of Glasgow Geckos and maintenance of the sporting-teams-with-animal-names theme prevalent in Touch, whilst the colour scheme is a nod to the traditional colours of the City of Glasgow. The slogan 'Finding Gaps Since 2010' was suggested and chosen after 'No Easy Way Out' was again rejected. The slogan conveys the dual meaning of Touch running gaps and the phenomenon of always finding a Gecko in your supposedly sealed hotel room.

After continually rejecting No Easy Way Out for all previous suggestions, the seminal 1980's rock song from Rocky IV was chosen as the Geckos theme tune and can be heard wherever the Geckos appear.