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Lynn Wilson, Donna Kirisome, Douglas Mannix, Scott Burleigh, Kieran Kearney, Brian Murray, Rachel Howe, Damien Richardson, Victor Francisco Suarez, Rachel Edwards, Nicole Teo, Fiona Stuart, Leah Park, Douglas Johnson, Nicola Jobson


  1. Distribution and discussion of Glasgow Touch's income and expenditure 2008.
  2. Presentation by Nicole Teo of 2 proposed models for the Glasgow touch league over the forthcoming year.
  3. Proposal of an alternative model whereby representatives of the touch community administer the league.
  4. General consensus indicated that Model 1 was not desirable, however no agreement could be reached over a preference between models 2 and 3.

Model 1

Nicole Teo's private company Glasgow Touch assumes full responsibility for league administration, sourcing of volunteers, and satisfying financial requirements.

Model 2

The Glasgow Touch community forms a representative body responsible for provision of necessary funds and outsources league administration to a separate entity such as Nicole Teo's Glasgow Touch.

Model 3

The Glasgow Touch community forms a representative body which assumes full responsibility as in Model 1.


  1. Identify members of the community who would be interested in forming a representative body and committing time and resource to that cause. - Leah Park
  2. Solidify models 2 and 3, identifying the requirements of the Glasgow Touch community and how they will be served by each proposition. - Nicole Teo, Douglas Johnson
  3. Survey the wider community of participants as to their preferred model, and/or identify where there is no preference. - Rachel Edwards


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