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Social Touch at the Green

Each year, prior to the Glasgow Touch league starting, there are FREE social sessions organised at Glasgow Green. These sessions form an ideal way of introducing people to touch in Glasgow, provide the opportunity to form/join teams, prepare some of the new or less experienced teams ahead of the league, and generally to have a bit of fun out in the fresh air.
Everyone is welcome along and the first such session is on Thursday 8th April 6.30-8pm. They will continue for 5 weeks until the league starts on 13th May and the format will typically be as follows,
  • Group warmup
  • Break into groups of 10 or less and coach some touch (no of groups depending on numbers)
  • Rotate groups through different coaching drills/stations
  • Play games
Additionally, on the evening of the first session everyone is encouraged to come along to WEST bar and brewery to attend the inaugural meeting of the Glasgow Touch Association and enjoy a couple of refreshing drinks.