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Touch World Cup 2011

There will be no fixtures next Thursday, 23rd June, during the Touch World Cup and the Glasgow League will resume on 30th June. All the divisions are shaping up nicely ahead of the final 4 weeks of matches, fingers crossed Thursdays will continue to be dry/sunny for the remainder of the season.

Best of luck to the following players who will be representing Scotland at the World Cup.

Mens Open - Gavin Hogarth (Hammertime/Hammermen), Doug Mannix (Spiders/Spidermen)
Womens Open - Nicola Jobson (Spiders/HammerSpiders), Kirsty Lawson (Spiders/HammerSpiders), Donna Spence (Spiders/Spidermen), Jennifer Wright (Stirling Posse/HammerSpiders)
Mixed Open - Douglas Johnson (Spiders/Spidermen), Doug MacRae (Spiders)
Mens 30s - Chris Grady (Hammertime/Hammermen), Colin Jardine (Stirling Posse/Hammermen/Spidermen)
Womens 30s - Gillian Bond (Hammertime/HammerSpiders), Elaine Clarke (Lions A/Lions)
Mens 35s - Cameron Day (Lions A/Lions), Jon Creasey (Stirling Posse/Hammermen)
Mens 40s - Doug Paton (Stirling Posse/Hammermen), Victor Francisco Suarez (Lions A/Lions), Colin Reid (Spiders/Spidermen)

Further details of the event, can be found by visiting the official website http://www.touchworldcup2011.co.uk/