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Glasgow Open 2015

Thank you to everyone who made the Glasgow leg of the 2015 STS a success. It was a very good day of touch in the sun (sometimes) and rain (the majority of times). Hopefully everyone enjoyed the experience.

Thanks go to, the GTA committee for organising an excellent tournament, the groundsman, and everyone who came along.

Congratulations to Six Pack who took the Cup, and Meerkits for winning the STS series with great performances throughout all four tournaments.

The full results can be found on the STA website at http://www.scottishtouch.org.uk/competitions/scottish-touch-series/2015/glasgow/

Final Positions

  1. Six Pack Roosters (Cup)
  2. Geckos
  3. Meerkits
  4. Superhands
  5. Meerkats (Quaich)
  6. Hoodlums
  7. Galaxy Scotland
  8. New Orleans Fluffy Dragons
  9. Glasgow Lions Force (Plate)
  10. Buffaloes
  11. Blue Jays
  12. Sparks
  13. Stirling Storm (Tankard)
  14. Salad Gulpet Oilers
  15. Glasgow  Lions Hurricanes
  16. Stirling Storm Troopers

Hopefully, see you all at the Scottish Clubs Championships on the 22nd August 2015.