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Aberdeen Success for Glasgow Touch

The 2008 Aberdeen Spring tournament kicked off what we hope to be a fantastic touch season, and with it came an excellent result for Glasgow Touch. A 13 strong squad made the long road trip up to Aberdeen on Saturday and were delighted to come home as Quaich Winners.


Back Row (left to right): Dave Hallam, Victor Francisco Suarez, Stuart Hammerton, Gordon Plenderleith, Doug Mannix, Jason Mannix, Douglas Johnson

Front Row: Annie Cheape, Lynn Wilson, Sher Hallam, Ali Hammerton, Fiona Stuart, Nicola Jobson

Match Report

The Sun was still low in the sky when the troops awakened and prepared to make the long march North to conquer the granite city. Scout reports indicated a beautiful clear day ahead, ideal conditions for the Glasgow Touch army to take to the fields of the Woodside Sports Complex and master the opposition.

Actually, not quite that dramatic. The day started with the obligatory pit stop at the Tesco extra in Dundee for breakfast at the cafe, and supplies of jelly babies and chocolate milk. Then on to Aberdeen in time for the 1 o'clock tap off of our first game, or so we thought. 12 o'clock is fast approaching and nine of the thirteen are still en route; meanwhile the opposition, keen to get what might be their only glory of the day, seek victory through forfeiture. But alas no, a quick strip beside the pitch, straight into the match and before they knew it, first blood to Glasgow. Far from the elegant touch we're used to but the result goes the right way. Hopefully the team manager's return from holidaying in Egypt will ensure better preperation in future.

A little out of sequence, but on to the warm up and a fly-by opportunity to check out how our touch best buds, the Flossie Possie, are getting on. Lunges, kareokas and budda slaps just some of our best practised moves look excellent and ensure that there will be no cramp today. Next up some Edinbugger fodder, Ruckers 2; presumably the much anticipated sequel to Ruckers starring Jessica Alba and Ryan Phillippe in the greatest touch story the world has ever known. Glasgow dominate from the outset and in a much improved performance ease to another victory.

Now the matchup they've all been waiting for, Glasgow vs. Scotland (Bareback Riders). That's right people, much in keeping with the spirit of the sport, the ruthless selection policy of the Barebacks ensures they only field players from the Scotland open squads. It was always going to be a tough one for Glasgow, but it's all about playing our own game and the 5-0 defeat was a very respectible outcome against the eventual tournament winners.

The final game of pool A against Energen Guerillas saw a repeat of the Autumn Quaich final, in which Glasgow emerged victorious from a roaring inferno of a match that threatened to boil over. This time round there's still a bit of spice to the fixture, with the Guerillas trying to take full advantage of the inexperienced refereeing. It was the away team though who kept their cool under the warm Aberdeen sun, and maintained a narrow margin which saw them through to the Quaich semi-final.

On to the knockout stage, defeat now would mean a hot shower, change into some warm clothes and tucking into some well earned grub, but where's the fun in that. Out of Touch are the penultimate challenge of a day that has already been a huge success, and as that famous Glaswegian Gerard Butler would say, 'We'll put their name to the test.' Glasgow again show how the game should be played, rucking at great speed up the middle of the field before bursting through the straggling defence to score. The end of the match approaches and before they know it, Out of Touch are out of time.

The quaich final, Glasgow vs Ruckers 1. Rarely is the original not better than the sequel, however in this case it's hard to tell the difference, with many of the same faces still present from the earlier defeat. Playing on the main pitch for the first time with hordes of touch enthusiasts staying behind to watch, Glasgow look pumped (as in full of energy). The match is a tense encounter with well cultivated scores for Glasgow being followed by soft responses for the Edinburgh team. In the end better control, teamwork, speed, skill, determination, looks, strips, footwear, fitness, and spirit are the only difference as Glasgow grasp victory.

Well done team.