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The official rules followed by the Glasgow Touch Association are those defined by the Federation of International Touch - FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition.

In order to assist with understanding of certain scenarios the Touch Football Australia rules also include referee and player notes which may prove helpful - TFA Playing Rules 7th Edition.


If you don't fancy reading the rule book cover to cover, then why not test your knowledge on a few select rules / scenarios / referee signals with the following quizzes.

Quiz 1 -Terminology and general knwoledge - Quiz / Answers

Quiz 2 - Tap or rollball? and referee signals - Quiz / Answers



Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.) rules apply unless otherwise stated. For detailed rules please see the FIT website.


  • There are 6 players on each side - for Mixed Touch a team has 3 male and 3 female players on the pitch at any given time.
  • The pitch is rectangular in shape (approx 50m x 70m) with a score zone at each end
  • The Referee tosses a coin to determine which team starts as the attacking team. The team winning the toss gets to:
    • Start with the ball
    • Choose which score line they attack in the first half (this changes at half time)
    • Choose which substitution box they use for the duration of the match


One Day Tournaments are a great way to get involved and provide many of the social and fitness benefits that Touch has to offer! Regardless of playing standard we encourage individuals/teams to enter One Day Tournaments all over Scotland and Europe.



What better way to spend a balmy evening than playing sport, meeting new people and then heading to the pub for a well deserved drink!


About Us

Fun and Fitness for Everyone! We are a dedicated bunch of touch enthusiasts who want as many people to become involved in the sport as possible. Touch is a relatively new sport in Scotland and is suitable for children and adults of all ages, levels of fitness and abilities.